What We Do

Data Acquisition

Acquisition of digital information Efficiently and accurately with the use of 3D Laser scanner, Drones and Photogrammetry 

Data manipulation

2D, 3D and BIM modeling for use with as built, Conceptual visualization, Construction plans, Clash coordination and simulations

Network, Surveillance and Audio Video Systems Design

Computer networks, Surveillance systems and Audio/Video systems design and installation

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Data Acquisition 

Using the most advanced Trimble hardware and software, we are capable of capturing and processing digital data with precision and efficiency.


VirtuaLabs portfolio consists of Network & Surveillance Design, Civil Drafting, Audio/Visual and Conceptual 3D Modeling for construction projects and mechanical systems.

Below are some projects VirtuaLabs has created or been a part of.


  • Brands speakers
  • Brands Network
  • Brands cameras

Clients and Affiliations

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