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  CAD Design - Palmaz Project

Design and visualization of major projects helps to share the vision.  Our 3D modeling team can make your project come alive and let you share your project with the rest of the world.  From design collaboration to marketing, if a picture is truly worth ten thousand words, imagine what a 3D animation of your project can do for you!

The Palmaz Vineyards Winery is completely underground!  From the time the grapes enter at the top level to the moment they are bottled and shipped to the customer, they remain in this 100,000 square foot man made cave complex.  Computer control of the fermentation process gives the winemakers total control and the cool, stable environment of the caves controls evaporation of the product and maintains perfect temperatures for the two to three years as world class wines develop to their full potential!

     Napa, CA 94558
     Phone:  (707) 224-5912
     Alan Contact

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